Announcing: Vermont Beginning Apple & Grape Grower project

By Terence Bradshaw

In response to mounting requests from prospective and beginning farmers and farmers transitioning to apples and grapes from other crops for experiential-based technical support trainings covering a broad spectrum of production needs—including farm site evaluation, cultivar and planting systems, tree and vine pruning and training, crop load management, groundcover management, and harvest and postharvest management—the University of Vermont Fruit Program will initiate a Beginning Apple and Grape Growers’ project in winter 2019. The project will provide multiple training opportunities to beginning and prospective farmers interested in exploring commercial tree and vineyard fruit production. Participants will be provided with access to a collaborative online communications platform to facilitate a cohort learning environment and introduce them to industry support organizations to support use of new skills within the Vermont fruit industry.

Information on program roll out will be available in December. For more information, contact project director Terry Bradshaw.

The Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets is funding this project through the USDA Specialty Crops Block Grants Program .


The UVM Tree Fruit and Viticulture Program is supported by the University of Vermont Agriculture Experiment Station, a USDA NIFA E-IPM Grant, USDA Risk Management Agency Funds, and the USDA Specialty Crops Block Grants Program.