2019 New England Tree Fruit Management Guide available!

By Terence Bradshaw For as long as I’ve been in this fruit business with UVM (1995-present) and well before, the cooperating Extension fruit programs of the New England Universities have collaborated on a management guide for commercial tree fruit growers. That guide has taken numerous forms, but in 2017, we switched a on online-only platform […]

Beginning the 2019 viticulture season

By Terence Bradshaw After a long winter, spring is here and bud break is approaching. Plan on wrapping up pruning in the coming weeks and removing brush from the rive alleys to the burn pile (and burn it, too, to reduce overwintering insects and disease inoculum). This is a good time to review your previous […]

Green tip on apples expected as early as this week

By Terence Bradshaw After a long, drawn-out winter like those from the ‘good old days’, it’s hard to believe that spring often happens pretty quickly. By that I mean that we’ll shift from winter activities when the sleeping trees provide us plenty of time and bandwidth to tend to certain tasks, but when the buds […]

Slightly late, but the return of the UMASS March Message

By Terence Bradshaw The late Dr. Ron Prokopy at UMASS was instrumental in pulling together the “March Message”, an pre-season update on IPM and other topics for tree fruit growers. Dr. Jaime Pinero, the ‘new’ UMASS Extension Entomologist, has revived this valuable tool, which I have attached here. Key take-homes: · Orchard sanitation this spring […]

New Cornell Orchard-Pollinator Protection Guide available

By Terence Bradshaw The need for adequate pollination is no secret to fruit growers, but recent focus on the status of both wild and managed (e.g. honeybee and certain bumblebee) pollinators refocuses the efforts among all of us to ensure that we are managing our crops sustainably. Tree fruit growers arte in a particularly tricky […]

New England apple Extension survey

By Terence Bradshaw I am working with the other Apple IPM Extension instructors across New England to develop regional programming. We are asking New England apple growers to help us in Extension determine the most effective ways to get you crop management information. The intent of the survey is to determine how apple growers in […]

Registration & agenda, 2019 VTFGA / UVM Apple Meeting

By Terence Bradshaw Registration is open for the 123rd Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association and UVM Apple Program Annual Meeting. This year, registration is offline only, please print the attached form (also available here) and mail payment to the address at the bottom of the form. Past attendees can expect a hard copy registration and […]

Save the date: Feb 14, 2019 UVM Fruit Program & VTFGA Annual Meeting

By Terence Bradshaw Happy winter…. This is just a quick notice to ‘Save the Date’ for February 14, 2019 for the 123rd Annual Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association and UVM Fruit Program winter meeting at the American Legion in Middlebury, VT. The program is still coming together, but we have scheduled Cornell Plant Pathologist Srdjan […]

Apple trees dying all over the state

By Terence Bradshaw Pardon the exclamatory headline. I’m sending this message directly to the many, many people who have contacted me about the issue, and posting it as a blog post so that I can point to it when it comes up again. Apple trees are dying all over the state. Maybe not necessarily dying, […]

Preharvest thoughts for Vermont vineyards

By Terence Bradshaw Pardon my absence these past few week- a trip to beautiful Istanbul, where I presented some of our research from the past couple of years on cider apple management, and both wrapping up and starting a new course have kept me a bit distracted. Grapes in Vermont vineyards are some of the […]