Buds are bursting- 2020 season is on a roll

By Terence Bradshaw Growth in the UVM vineyard ranges from bud burst to 2-3 shoots emerged; a few shoots are nearing three inches in length. It’s time to really be thinking about protecting vines from early season disease infections. Most cold-climate cultivars will not need disease protection until 5-8” of shoot growth, but any vineyards […]

Petal fall

By Terence Bradshaw I know that some orchards are still in bloom, so the thinning and insect management portions of this message may not pertain. Hopefully everyone with any hint of risk for fire blight has treated sometime during this heat spell. Cooler weather this weekend and rapidly dropping blossoms will decrease risk, but until […]

Petal fall and spraying this week

By Terence Bradshaw What an amazing weekend it’s been, weather-wise. I still need to check bud stages, my cider varieties here at 1500’ elevation in central Vermont are still at around half-inch green, and so are not an indicator of what things look like around the state in more typical orchards. However, I imagine many […]

Fire blight & streptomycin questions

By Terence Bradshaw I’ve received a few questions about the fire blight alert: If you are in an inland/upland site and no bloom or fresh pruning wounds, this alert does not apply. However, I bet most apples in the state, aside from some late cider varieties, will be in bloom before this disease alert is […]

Fire blight alert

By Terence Bradshaw I’ll keep this short and to the point. In spite of, or rather in keeping with, what I said the other day, fire blight risk is increasing in Vermont orchards. I’m seeing sustained warm, sunny, relatively windless, and dry conditions for the next 5-7 days, with increasing risk of rain as next […]

Bloom, apple IPM

By Terence Bradshaw Apple bloom has started in much of the state, and the weather looks about as good as it gets for pollination and fertilization. It’s been dry since last Friday, and, in most sites, that rain wasn’t even as much as expected. So, water if you can, trees in bloom and setting fruit […]

Sheep in vineyards survey, bud beak

By Terence Bradshaw Dr. Justine Vanden Heuvel (Cornell University) is seeking participants for a conducting a survey to determine grower perceptions of using sheep to mow/sucker in vineyards. The goal of the survey is to guide future research and extension efforts in this area. The survey is completely anonymous. You can complete the survey by […]

Buds swelling in local vineyards

By Terence Bradshaw Grapevine buds are showing significant swelling in vineyards both in the Champlain Valley and at my house at near-1500 feet in Washington County, so bud break is right around the corner. However, This extended cool weather expected this week will leave those buds in this swollen state for an extended period, which […]

Thinking about early season grape disease management

By Terence Bradshaw Despite the bit of snow on my deck this morning, spring is here and vineyards will be waking up soon in Vermont. It’s better to plan ahead than to be reactive to problems after they become established. Therefore, I recommend reading Dr. Katie Gold’s Early Season Grape Disease Management recommendations to help […]

SBA EIDL program re-opening for farmers; prebloom orchard activities

By Terence Bradshaw Earlier today I sent a notice from Tom Berry at Senator Leahy’s office regarding availability of emergency funds to farmers affected financially by the COVID-19 pandemic. That was referencing a re-opening of the portal specifically for farms to apply for funds. If you are an ag business that was unable to take […]