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  • 8. February 2016: Monday

    fcs on Frank's Activity Log
    LDAP/IdM: Updates: Friday: Two (2) issues – surname match failures Student: A long time employee has become a student – but first and last names are reversed in Banner. Employee: A current student […]
    Posted an hour ago.
  • Introducing Nature and Culture

    Nathaniel on Centennial Woods
    As I walk down to my research spot in Centennial Woods, the path I take is worn down to compacted soil and polished roots loosened from the ground. Footbridges span even the smallest damp sections of forest, here […]
    Posted 13 hours ago.
  • "Nature" and "Culture"

    ktalvacc on Waterfront Park
    The nature and culture of the Waterfront Park include cultural expression. The landscape of the park dates back to the 1800s when Burlington’s waterfront was a lumber port. Today the landscape has shaped in a way […]
    Posted 13 hours ago.
  • Far Hills, New Jersey

    Ryan Smith on CDAE 102 Spring 2016: Communities in Action
    Ryan Smith 2.1.16 Sustainable Community Development Reading Blog One The Town that I have decided to research about is called Far Hills. This town is located in Somerset county in the state of New […]
    Posted 15 hours ago.
  • Humans vs Nature

    Humans vs Nature
    ktolan on Phenology
    Being that my location is both in the middle of the largest city in the state and past use as a shipping facility, it has, unfortunately, been on the losing  of the nature versus nature battle. One one hand, it’s […]
    Posted 15 hours ago.
  • Baltimore, Maryland

    Dylan Butera on CDAE 102 Spring 2016: Communities in Action
    Baltimore City is the largest city in Maryland and has a very diverse community. It is in the northern part of the state on the Patapsco river estuary, which is an arm of the Chesapeake Bay. What I am most […]
    Posted 16 hours ago.
  • Nature and Culture

    Christian on Centennial Woods Phenology Site
    My site has an interesting connection between nature and culture. The site I chose and am maintaining from last semester is located on the outskirts of Centennial Forest yet is still a long walk. The site is off […]
    Posted 16 hours ago.
  • Burlington, Vermont

    sjin1 on CDAE 102 Spring 2016: Communities in Action
    This is my third year since I came to Burlington, Vermont to join this beautiful community as an international student. Burlington is the largest city in the U.S. state of Vermont and the county seat of Chittenden […]
    Posted 17 hours ago.
  • Hello Again

    amalvin on Anna's Phenology Site
    Nature. It surrounds me as I sit in this drainage on a chilly Monday afternoon. The soft colors of the winter – the brown of the trees and fallen leaves, the mellow green of the conifers, and the soft grey of the […]
    Posted 20 hours ago.
  • Longmeadow, Massachusetts

    zchernic on CDAE 102 Spring 2016: Communities in Action
    For my community, I selected my hometown, Longmeadow, Massachusetts. Longmeadow is a conveniently located classic looking New England town just outside of Springfield, Massachusetts. Within the community of […]
    Posted 20 hours ago.
  • Bradford, Vermont

    Bradford, Vermont
    Sydney McIntire on CDAE 102 Spring 2016: Communities in Action
    Bradford Vermont is a tiny town nestled in Orange County right on the border of New Hampshire. Bradford doesn’t really have a ‘claim to fame’ persay but here is one interesting fact about it: it was home to James […]
    Posted 21 hours ago.
  • Bronx, New York

    javiles on CDAE 102 Spring 2016: Communities in Action
    The Bronx, New York   When people think of New York City, they think of skyscrapers, Pizza, Madison Square Garden, corrupt police department, and a lot more but we can stop there. Well, that’s not what comes […]
    Posted 21 hours ago.
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