Welcome to UVM WordPress.

This is a self-help web publishing environment for UVM faculty, students and staff, built on the popular WordPress web publishing software. A UVM theme is available with pre-designed components and layouts to ease many common publishing needs.

To get started, log in with your NetID and create a site.

What is this service?

This is a shared publishing environment for UVM affiliates and their collaborators. Affiliates can create any number of sites with names such as site.uvm.edu/mysite or blog.uvm.edu/mysite.

You can choose among popular themes and plugins to change your site’s appearance and add extra functionality.

Enterprise Technology Services manages the software and keeps regular backups of your data.

Who should create a site here?

  • Students wanting a web site
  • Faculty needing a platform for featured research or creative works
  • Small research initiatives needing a way to communicate with the public
Should I use Drupal instead?

Major UVM departments and organizations with dedicated web masters should consult the Web Team about building a site in Drupal. More information is available in the Drupal web guide.

Should I install my own copy of WordPress instead?

People familiar with managing web software who are needing to heavily customize a theme or requiring plugins that cannot be offered in multisite WordPress might consider creating a site on the silk hosting service.

If you have questions about whether this service can meet your needs, contact Systems Architecture & Administration.

Getting help

Get started with our user guide.

If you reach a roadblock, join the WordPress mailing list and ask a community of your UVM peers for tips.


Page components were built with accessibility web standards in mind, but it is up to site builders to ensure that their content is truly accessible to all. This is required work as part of a public university. UVM offers online web accessibility training.

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