Reminder: Cider makers’ and growers’ meeting June 28 in Middlebury

By Terence Bradshaw Registration for the June 28, 2016 cider makers’ and apple growers’ educational meeting at Woodchuck Cidery in Middlebury, VT is now open. Topics will include: updates on apple production and cider apple economics projects (Terence Bradshaw and Florence Becot); cider marketing (Farrell Distributing Cider Education & Training Manager Jeff Baker); and […]

Orchard management, June 21

By Terence Bradshaw As we settle into summer, it’s time to shift our focus from weekly scab management to insects, and one disease in particular. Codling moth (CM) trap captures around the state declined last week, which indicates that the first generation flight has subsided. But it’s not the adult moths that we worry about, […]

Canopy management, grape diseases, and phylloxera

By Terence Bradshaw By now, you should have thinned shoots down to 4-6 per foot of cordon length, and spaced them evenly through the canopy. Growing shoots are beginning to lignify at the base, which makes combing possible (and timely). Combing the canopy on high-wire training systems by manually separating shoots and pulling them down […]

Vineyard management June 14

By Terence Bradshaw The near-daily rain the past week hasn’t amounted to much accumulation, so any protective fungicides applied during the narrow low-wind window of June 10-11 are likely still present on the surface of leaf tissues. However, plentiful moisture plus the warm, sunny weather on tap the next few days and grapes’ propensity for […]

Orchard notes week of June 13

By Terence Bradshaw After the past week of rain I expect any remaining apple scab ascospores to have been released. Maintain fungicide coverage through the next week or so, and check orchards methodically for scab lesions to determine if you’re really done managing the disease for 2016. Summer diseases, particularly sooty blotch and fly speck […]

Fire blight symptoms appearing in area orchards

By Terence Bradshaw Note: because I still cannot get my email program to post photos to this listserv, there will be references to pictures in the message below but nothing there. Growers who are very familiar with early fire blight symptoms should get out and inspect their orchards now; others might take the extra minute […]

Wet weather over the weekend…and continuing

By Terence Bradshaw This joint apple/grape notice is in reference to the amount of rain that fell Sunday. Rainfall amounts at all NEWA stations in Vermont were between one and two inches, and closer to the latter. Most pesticides can be considered completely depleted by two inches of precipitation, so we can assume that most […]

Vineyard disease management, June 3

By Terence Bradshaw Vines are growing rapidly in Vermont, we have shoots over 16” in the UVM vineyard, and we will be approaching the ‘immediate prebloom’ period when phomopsis, black rot, powdery mildew, and downy mildew are al active. Rain is expected Sunday June 5-Wednesday June 8, and low winds are expected tomorrow, June 4. […]

‘First cover’…codling moth, plum curculio, apple scab, and other pests

By Terence Bradshaw June 3, 2016 By now all orchards should be past petal fall and many fruit are sizing up into the 10 mm range. There are a number of factors to consider in the week ahead. Rain is expected Sunday through Wednesday of next week. Apple scab should still be protected against. Even […]

Equipment Field Day and Twilight meeting in Connecticut

From: Concklin, Mary [] Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2016 2:48 PM Subject: Equipment Field Day and Twilight meeting Good afternoon, On Wednesday June 15, beginning at 2 pm, there will be an equipment field day and twilight meeting for tree fruit, berry and grape growers and related industry, held at Belltown Hill Orchards in South […]