Pruning grapevines

By Terence Bradshaw Winter is definitely here and so is the time to start pruning grapevines. I like to wait as late as possible to prune grapes, but be careful to give yourself enough time to get the job done before bud break. Consider that an acre of mature grapes may take 40 hours or […]

USDA Value Added Producer Grants Information Sessions

By Terence Bradshaw Hello: The USDA Value Added Producers Grants Program is now open for FY2020. This is a great program available to growers and businesses aimed at helping to scale up or investigate entering the value-added food, fiber, and wood products industries. I have reviewed these grants in the past, and this is an […]

Grape maturity testing, week of 9/13/2019

By Terence Bradshaw Grapes continue to be slow to ripen. Warm days later this week should move early cultivars (Brianna, St Croix) along a bit, but most grapes need quite a bit more heat accumulation before harvest. 9/13/2019 Cultivar Brix pH %TA (g/100ml) Brianna 16.1 2.85 0.71 Verona 16.5 2.75 1.40 St. Croix 17.2 2.93 […]

2019 grape maturity testing

By Terence Bradshaw September is here, and grape harvest will soon be ‘on’ in Vermont vineyards. While the spring was generally wet overall, diligent management should have left you with relatively disease-free grapes and vines. The dry, hot/warm weather since July has been great for grape maturity, but these recent cool nights are likely to […]

Vineyard management at veraison

By Terence Bradshaw First things first: I’m going off-line later today for a rare, two-week, no-work vacation. Please note that I won’t be responding to emails that come in during that time. Veraison is on or near in Vermont vineyards, which signals the start of the ripening period. That means a few things: 1. Get […]

Midsummer vineyard management; veraison management workshop August 6

By Terence Bradshaw We will host a veraison / preharvest vineyard management workshop at the UVM Horticulture Research & Education Center on August 6th, 3:00 – 4:30. This is folded into a larger Research Open House, I sent a flyer in a previous email (also available at: We will cover out latest research on […]

UVM Horticulture Research & Education Center Research Open House August 6, 2019.

By Terence Bradshaw Since 1952, the UVM Horticulture Research & Education Center has hosted projects that have furthered production of apples, small fruit, vegetables, and ornamental specialty crops in Vermont and the surrounding region Join UVM faculty, staff, and student researchers on August 6 (rain date August 9) as we show off our current research […]

Grape canopy management

By Terence Bradshaw High Summer is here, and this period from after July 4 through early August is the perfect time to apply some canopy management to the vineyard. By thinning and positioning shoots; removing unwanted clusters; and cleaning up trunks, we can significantly increase penetration of sunlight into the canopy and especially into the […]

Vineyard management at bloom

By Terence Bradshaw Many vineyards are in bloom across Vermont, and inflorescence looks good and bodes well for a promising year. As I’ve been saying all along, be sure to maintain spray coverage for the next couple of weeks; to remove any diseased tissue as you find it; and to do your best to maintain […]

July 9 UVM Grape Canopy Management Workshop

By Terence Bradshaw Summer canopy management is one of the most important tasks for producing high-quality winegrapes, especially in cool/cold regions where ripening can be impacted by low heat unit accumulation. The tasks taken to open and manage canopies aren’t necessarily intuitive, and are often overlooked by beginning fruit growers. Join the UVM Fruit Program […]