Grape berry moth, spotted wing drosophila, and summer wrap-up

By Terence Bradshaw I had an email come in tonight that I imagine includes a question on many people’s minds. That is, as we near veraision (I saw my first Marquette changing color today), what do we need to worry about as far as spotted wing drosophila (SWD) is concerned? SWD (Drosophila suzukii) is an […]

Commercial Cider Making Workshop August 24 in Walden

By Terence Bradshaw Commercial Cider Making Workshop Presented by UVM Extension & Center for an Agricultural Economy Getting serious about cider marking? Come learn quality control best practices and latest equipment recommendations for handling, storing, and processing of apples after harvest. Learn how food-safe practices can ensure quality control. Discuss potential value-added products with food […]

Midsummer vineyard management

By Terence Bradshaw Sorry grape growers, you just received my comments on orchard activities for the immediate time being. The good thing, as my predecessor Dr. Lorraine Berkett used to say when discussion apples and grapes, is that it’s the same story with different characters. So, here we go with Act One: Weather has been […]

AMF, midsummer orchard management

By Terence Bradshaw Despite localized rains early this week, it’s still really dry out there. That means running irrigation if you can, and considering what it will take to get it in the future because I expect we’ll be seeing more of these extreme dry summers. That also means that summer diseases haven’t been much […]

One (or two) more things to think about

By Terence Bradshaw I’ve received questions about a couple of questions about two different yet similar insect pests: grape tumid gallmaker (GTG) and phylloxera. Both of these insects cause galls that develop around larvae that feed on foliar (and fruit, in the case of GTG) tissue which can be quite concerning, but often are not […]

Post-heat wave vineyard management

By Terence Bradshaw It’s cooling off for a bit, time to think about activities in the vineyard. Thankfully, extreme heat isn’t good for most grape diseases, and the dry weather hasn’t been good for them either. However, berries are sizing up and bunch closure will be here before we know it, so we should consider […]

Cooling off orchard activities

By Terence Bradshaw Now that we have a respite from the heat wave, I imagine growers are thinking about what needs to be managed in Vermont orchards. As a rule, there aren’t any across-the-state IPM issues that I expect every grower will be facing. In warmer areas, it’s still a decent time to apply a […]