Tour of Southern Vermont Vineyards 7/30/2014

by Terence Bradshaw Doug McBride of Brook Farm Vineyards recently invited me down for a consultation at his farm in Proctorsville, VT. After several weeks (months?) of trying to make it happen, we agreed on a date, and he indicated that some neighboring growers were interested in participating. I asked Doug to set up an […]

Leaf analysis, codling moth, apple maggot, summer diseases

July 25, 2014 Although it seems that I’ve been absent a bit in the past month, I was tied up teaching my undergraduate Sustainable Orchard & Vineyard Management course which enrolled twelve very interested students, some of who you will interact with as they enter the Vermont tree fruit industry. Now I’d like to drop […]

Twilight meeting for grape growers in New Hampshire July 23

I will be attending this meeting and welcome any Vermont growers to join us. -TB DATE:Wednesday, July 23 TIME:5-7pm LOCATION: Barnett Hill Vineyard 114 Barnett Hill Road Walpole NH 03608 COST: FREE For more information, contact Suzanne Hebert at or 603 – 862 – 3200. Please join Barnett Hill Vineyard owner Virginia Carter, […]

Apple Scab survey

July News You Can Use: Vineyard Floor Management News You Can Use Vineyard Floor Management Under-vine cover crop treatments (Justine Vanden Heuvel and Lindsay Jordan) at Cornell University. Weeds can compete with grapes for water, nutrients, and sunlight, and new growers often ask for advice in creating an effective weed management program for their vineyards. Competition from weeds can be especially deleterious […]