Summer Pest Management in Vermont Orchards

June 24, 2014 Summer diseases: For management of sooty blotch, fly speck, and black rot on fruit, growers should maintain fungicide protection on apples after each approximately 200 hours of accumulated leaf wetness. That means that after a spray is applied, begin accumulating leaf wetness hours and apply your next fungicide spray before the next […]

Cold-Hardy Grapes: Cultivar x Region Tasting in Burlington, VT

Curious about cold-hardy cultivars? Interested in the effects of terroir on varietal character? Then join us for a cross-regional tasting of varietal trial wines! The multistate NE 1020 project was designed to test the performance of interesting grape cultivars, both new and existing, at various sites across the US. The Northern Grapes Project has supported […]

VT Grape & Wine Council Annual Conference July 1: SCHEDULE AND REGISTRATION

Our annual conference will be held at the Red School House at Vermont Technical College in Randolph, VT. This year, we’re delighted to have John Thull, vineyard manager at the University of Minnesota Horticulture Research Center, speaking on several aspects of vineyard management. It is a viticulture-focused program this year, since we have the USDA […]

Fire Blight in Vermont Orchards

June 16, 2014 It is becoming apparent that 2014 is sizing up to be one of the more significant fire blight years in Vermont. Luckily, this bacterial disease isn’t as prevalent nor damaging as it is in warmer areas, but its occurrence is increasing in our area, and if your orchard is affected, you need […]

Correct link for grape tissue sampling factsheet

June 16, 2014 Here is a link to Joe Fiola’s grape petiole and soil sampling factsheet: Terence Bradshaw, UVM Tree Fruit and Viticulture Specialist Where trade names or commercial products are used for identification, no discrimination is intended and no endorsement is implied. Always read the label before using any pesticide. The label is […]

Fertilizing grapes

June 13, 2014 As we all see our grape canopies exploding with growth at this time of year it is important to consider that the vines have their greatest need for nutrients to support shoot development and blossom fertilization. Without knowing your soil or petiole values, specific recommendations are hard to offer, but here are […]

Critical period for disease management in Vermont vineyards

June 9, 2014- At the UVM Hort Farm, we just entered into bloom on our earliest table grapes, and wine grapes are right around the corner. This immediate prebloom period is potentially the most important time to manage diseases in your vineyard this year. This is the time to get Phomopsis, Black Rot, Powdery Mildew […]

Fire Blight symptoms now appearing

June 9, 2014- Fire blight infections caused during bloom should be appearing in infected orchards any time now. If you have susceptible cultivars (Mutsu, Gala, Cortland, Paulared, Ginger Gold, and many others found here), then get out and scout your orchards ASAP. Blossom infections should be removed at least six inches below any signs of […]

Thinning and codling moth management in Vermont orchards

June 4, 2014 By now apple fruitlets in the Champlain and Connecticut Valleys should be approaching 10-12 mm size which is the most receptive time for thinner application. Bloom and fruit set have been spotty this season, with large variations across cultivars and even within cultivars on adjacent trees in a row. Still, don’t plan […]

Introduction to (Commercial) Hard Cider

June 3, 2014 I just wanted to drop a quick note to announce that an article I co-authored with other cider-oriented researchers has been posted to eXtension: This should be just the beginning of things to come. Terence Bradshaw, UVM Tree Fruit and Viticulture Specialist Where trade names or commercial products are used for […]