Vineyard management

By Terence Bradshaw Apologies if pictures don’t come through in this message, attached photos may be found in the corresponding blog post: Grapes are moving fast in Vermont vineyards, with most cultivars in the UVM vineyard at about 3” shoot growth. Shoot thinning now will give best results before the vines waste energy on […]

Petal fall…strep application clarification

By Terence Bradshaw It helps to read what you wrote after sending. This clarifies a question a grower had for me, now that I’ve re-read things. My post should have read “Fire blight remains a serious concern in any orchard that has open blossoms, apply streptomycin at 24 oz/acre plus 1 pint Regulaid (or other […]

Petal fall

By Terence Bradshaw Today’s alert will be brief. Fire blight remains a serious concern in any orchard that has open blossoms, apply streptomycin at 24 oz/acre plus 1 pint/100 gallons finished spray within 24 hours of a wetting event to any trees with open blossoms. Organic growers, Serenade and possibly Double Nickel are your best […]

Northern Grapes News. Vol 5, Issue 2, May 26, 2016

By Terence Bradshaw Northern Grapes News. Vol 5, Issue 2, May 26, 2016 In this issue: Interspecific Hybrid Red Wine Color. NGP Team Profile: Amaya Atucha. NGP Team Profile: Francis Ferrandino. Simultaneous Chemical and Sensory Analysis of Frontenac and Marquette Wines. Tasting Room Visitor Surveys: Experience with and Enjoyment of Cold-Hardy Wines.

Registration information: cider makers’ and growers’ meeting June 28

By Terence Bradshaw Registration for the June 28, 2016 cider makers’ and apple growers’ educational meeting at Woodchuck Cidery in Middlebury, VT is now open. Topics will include: updates on apple production and cider apple economics projects (Terence Bradshaw and Florence Becot); cider marketing (Farrell Distributing Cider Education & Training Manager Jeff Baker); and […]

Fire blight risk…again

By Terence Bradshaw A glitch in the NEWA system while I was writing that last post was preventing the importing of forecast data into the model. Now that it’s fixed, the risk levels look worse that I originally presented. I see that my image links still aren’t coming through via email, but they are on […]

Fire Blight warning

By Terence Bradshaw Despite my sheepish warning in my last post, it appears that we are in a high risk period for fire blight infection in Champlain Valley and other warmer orchard sites with open blossoms this week. The charts below were generated using a best guess date for the start of bloom and the […]

Important industry survey: Food Safety Modernization Act

By Terence Bradshaw I don’t wish to burden anyone at this busy time of year with a survey unless it’s important. But this is important. The VT Agency of Agriculture, Food, and Markets (VAAFM) is preparing to roll out implementation and compliance with the federal Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) which will affect every farm […]

Vermont orchard management: petal fall edition

By Terence Bradshaw Bloom status in Vermont orchards is all over the map. Of course, cooler high elevation and inland sites are generally going into full bloom now while Champlain and Connecticut Valley sites are at petal fall (PF). Honeycrisp (in the Champlain Valley anyway) are lagging behind most other cultivars worse than usual: at […]

Grape bud break

By Terence Bradshaw Buds have been breaking in Vermont vineyards in the past week, which signifies the real start of the growing season. This brings up a few pest management considerations for your vineyards. Most cold-climate cultivars will not need disease protection until 5-8” of shoot growth, but any vineyards with heavy disease pressure last […]