Apple trees dying all over the state

By Terence Bradshaw Pardon the exclamatory headline. I’m sending this message directly to the many, many people who have contacted me about the issue, and posting it as a blog post so that I can point to it when it comes up again. Apple trees are dying all over the state. Maybe not necessarily dying, […]

Craft Cidery Startup Workshop in Oregon, Nov 4-8

FYI for anyone interested. -Terry From: Aronoff, Greg Sent: Wednesday, August 29, 2018 4:53 PM Subject: Question I’m with Oregon State University and we have an upcoming cider workshop that fills a current gap. To help apple growers, farmers and entrepreneurs successfully start their own craft cidery, OSU created a cidery startup workshop that levels […]

Due 9/ 7: Short, important survey for cider apple growers

By Terence Bradshaw Cultivation of specific cider apple cultivars, including European bittersweets, heirloom North American cultivars, and other dual-purpose fruit is a small but growing component of the New England apple industry. I am collaborating with faculty from UMASS and University of Maine to conduct a short-medium term research and education project supporting increased or […]