Press Release: Working Lands Enterprise Board Announces Upcoming Grant Availability – Informational Sessions Scheduled!

Please see the following announcement for the latest grant availability from the Vermont Working Lands Enterprise Initiative. This is one of the few programs available to individual producers as well as cooperatives and service providers to support investments which help develop the working landscape including agriculture and forestry. -TB Forwarded message from: Noelle Sevoian Working […]

September Northern Grapes Project News You Can Use – Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen News You Can Use YAN – Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen     September 2015 Mark Nesbitt, former graduate student at Cornell University, sets up the ChemWell analyzer to measure YAN in grape juice samples. Photo: Tim Martinson, Cornell University In addition to sugars, adequate yeast assimilable nitrogen (YAN) concentration is required for successful alcoholic fermentation […]