Northern Grapes News, Vol 5, Issue 3 Northern Grapes News, Volume 5, Issue 3, August 2016 In this issue: – What we Have Accomplished: Reflections on the Northern Grapes Project. – NGP Team Profile: Ann Hazelrigg. – Murli Dharmadhikari: Four Decades Leading the Midwest Grape and Wine Industry. – Northern Grapes Project Survey Shows Growth. – Managing Nutrition in Cold-Climate Vineyards. […]

Time for Retain application in Vermont orchards

By Terence Bradshaw Apple harvest is just around the corner with reports of early varieties like Paulared and William’s Pride coming in as ready to pick. The use of plant growth regulators to help with harvest management and improve fruit quality is an important tool in many orchards. ReTain plant growth regulator is used to […]

Veraison in Vermont vineyards

By Terence Bradshaw August 15, 2016 Grapes are at or near veraison in Vermont vineyards, which signals the start of fruit ripening. This is an important time of year for a few activities. First, bird damage can be expected to begin and increase as fruit ripen. Birds will harvest your berries just a day or […]

July 2016 News You Can Use – Canopy Management and Light Interception       News You Can Use Canopy Management and Light Interception July 2016 Shoot tipping and basal leaf removal in Frontenac training systems trials in Clayton, NY. (photo by T. Martinson). Canopy management involves manipulation of vine growth to achieve production goals such as optimizing light interception, managing disease pressure, adjusting cropping levels […]