Hail, tonight and in general

By Terence Bradshaw June 27, 2017 A pretty strong storm with high winds and hail just blew through East Montpelier and Calais; my colleague up in South Burlington reports barely a puff of wind up there. The point here is that hail may have affected area orchards, but as is usually the case, was highly […]

Borers and moths, plus a little on orchard diseases

By Terence Bradshaw June 26, 2017 There’s pretty much no question that apple scab ascospore release is done now, and only lesions from that primary scab season that became established in the trees can continue to spread the disease. There is a bit of scab out there; if you have any, then keep covered with […]

Disease management still critical in grapes

By Terence Bradshaw June 26, 2017 No one needs me to tell them that this has been a wet spring and now early summer. Most grapes are approaching, in, or maybe just exiting bloom across the state, and disease pressure continues to be possibly the highest of the season. Fungicide coverage should be maintained on […]

Orchard management- June 18, 2017

By Terence Bradshaw June 18, 2017 I am doing some last minute preparations for my summer cold-climate viticulture course which starts this week (and still has a few slots if you’re interested), so this will be relatively brief. Codling moth (CM) should be tended to in most orchards in the warmer valleys this week if […]

Wild grape bloom starts the clock for grape berry moth management

By Terence Bradshaw June 12, 2017 There is a wild grape that overhangs the South Burlington bike path just east of the UVM Hort Farm that I run by several days per week. Last Friday, June 9, it went into bloom (it was not blooming on my run the day before). Why is this important? […]

EAS, FB, CG…observations from this week.

By Terence Bradshaw June 10, 2017 CPS crop consultant Eric Boire sent me this picture yesterday of what, on first glance, looks like a first generation codling moth larvae burrowed into an apple at about 10-12 mm growth stage: Figure 1. European apple sawfly damage posing as codling moth injury. We have seen this a […]

Grape tumid gall maker- curiosity and management

By Terence Bradshaw June 8, 2017 One of the great things about growing grapes in Vermont is that, by and large (and compared to my other crop, apples), the pest management is relatively simple- four or so well-timed fungicides sprays, and an insecticide aimed at grape berry moth. There are other considerations for unique situations: […]

Codling moth and other pest management in apples

By Terence Bradshaw Codling moth (CM) management is just around the corner in many Vermont orchards. This is an increasing pest in the state- many orchards never had a problem until recently, and some still don’t. Adults begin flying around bloom, and our monitoring program is designed to catch the first flight to tie later […]

Vineyard management approaching bloom

By Terence Bradshaw Grapes are at 10-12” growth in most Vermont vineyards, and combined with the wet, cool, rainy weather, are at prime susceptibility for phomopsis, black rot, and anthracnose. Fungicide coverage should be maintained on 7-10 day intervals during this extended rainy stretch; if it dries out as expected at the end of the […]