Entering pink bud stage on apple next week

By Terence Bradshaw As many growers know, we are rolling out an expanding orchard scouting program at select sites this year in cooperation with Eric Boire from CPS. This week I got to my sites, both ‘inland’ in Washington and Orange counties, and things were, as expected, behind the main production regions (half-inch green vs […]

NEWA models – intermittent downtime

By Terence Bradshaw A note from the folks at NEWA. The lesson here: know your basic apple scab and fire blight pathology- wet weather beyond a couple of hours will cause a scab infection, stay covered with fungicide unless there is a dry forecast; hot weather immediately preceding bloom can cause a fire blight infection […]

Quick update on apple scab and other IPM issues for this week

By Terence Bradshaw April 25, 2017 Expected showers beginning this afternoon through Wednesday may trigger an apple scab infection period in Vermont orchards. There has been relatively little buds development or and not enough rain in the last week or so to wash off protective residue, so any orchards that received a full-dose protectant fungicide […]

Scab infection April 19-22

By Terence Bradshaw It doesn’t take too much fancy software to tell that we are in the middle of a pretty good apple scab infection period in most every orchard in Vermont. Ascospore maturity is estimated at 4-8% for today, and up to 14% in some orchards by the end of the weekend with showers […]

Pest management in apples this week

By Terence Bradshaw Warm weather over the weekend advanced bud stages, pretty much everything in the Champlain and Connecticut Valleys are at green tip and some orchards are bordering on half-inch green. If you haven’t gotten copper out yet, now is the time, tomorrow (Tuesday 4/18)v looks like a good day wind-wise. We’re also out […]

Green Tip in Champlain Valley

By Terence Bradshaw April 13, 2017 Champlain Valley orchards in Chittenden and Addison counties have reached the green tip bud stage on ‘McIntosh’ as of yesterday, April 12, which indicates that the growing season has begun for many Vermont orchards. Keep an eye out in your own orchards and plan on using actual green tip […]

Timely registration for summer 2017 Cold Climate Viticulture course

UVM students will be signing up for fall courses this week, and often sign up for summer courses as well at the same time. If you have any interest in taking my summer Cold Climate Viticulture course, signing up sooner rather than later is recommended. This is an ideal ‘crash course’ for anyone who is […]

Respirator fit testing services in Vermont

By Terence Bradshaw Remember, the EPA Worker Protection Standard changes that took effect January 1 of this past year include new requirements for medical clearance to use respirators and fit testing of respirators for farmers and employees. Below are possible fit testing service providers to check with to ensure compliance for this coming year. I’ll […]

Beginning of apple scab season, 2017

By Terence Bradshaw April 5, 2017 NEWA Apple Scab and Phenology Models We don’t need computers and models to tell us that by mid-April we ought to expect apple bud break to be around the corner, and with temperatures in the 70s forecast for Monday and Tuesday of next week, I expect many orchards to […]

The growing season looms…

April 3, 2017 By Terence Bradshaw My predecessor and longtime mentor Lorraine Berkett always told me to be ready for the growing season to start any time after April 1. After receiving another eight inches of snow at my house on April 1 this past weekend, I feel safe in saying that we still have […]