Save the date: Feb 14, 2019 UVM Fruit Program & VTFGA Annual Meeting

By Terence Bradshaw Happy winter…. This is just a quick notice to ‘Save the Date’ for February 14, 2019 for the 123rd Annual Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association and UVM Fruit Program winter meeting at the American Legion in Middlebury, VT. The program is still coming together, but we have scheduled Cornell Plant Pathologist Srdjan […]

Apple Crop Insurance Deadline November 20

By Terence Bradshaw Passing along the word from Jake Jacobs, UVM Agricultural Risk Management and Crop Insurance Education Program, on the impending crop insurance deadline for apples: Please pass along a reminder to apple growers that the crop insurance sales closing date is November 20. RMA has recently re-vamped their website and the most current […]

Announcing: Vermont Beginning Apple & Grape Grower project

By Terence Bradshaw In response to mounting requests from prospective and beginning farmers and farmers transitioning to apples and grapes from other crops for experiential-based technical support trainings covering a broad spectrum of production needs—including farm site evaluation, cultivar and planting systems, tree and vine pruning and training, crop load management, groundcover management, and harvest […]

Apple trees dying all over the state

By Terence Bradshaw Pardon the exclamatory headline. I’m sending this message directly to the many, many people who have contacted me about the issue, and posting it as a blog post so that I can point to it when it comes up again. Apple trees are dying all over the state. Maybe not necessarily dying, […]

Due 9/ 7: Short, important survey for cider apple growers

By Terence Bradshaw Cultivation of specific cider apple cultivars, including European bittersweets, heirloom North American cultivars, and other dual-purpose fruit is a small but growing component of the New England apple industry. I am collaborating with faculty from UMASS and University of Maine to conduct a short-medium term research and education project supporting increased or […]

Apple maggot, the calm before harvest

By Terence Bradshaw Pardon my absence these past few week- a trip to beautiful Istanbul, where I presented some of our research from the past couple of years on cider apple management, and both wrapping up and starting a new course have kept me a bit distracted. Nonetheless, we have continued to scout in Vermont […]

Commercial Cider Making Workshop August 24 in Walden

By Terence Bradshaw Commercial Cider Making Workshop Presented by UVM Extension & Center for an Agricultural Economy Getting serious about cider marking? Come learn quality control best practices and latest equipment recommendations for handling, storing, and processing of apples after harvest. Learn how food-safe practices can ensure quality control. Discuss potential value-added products with food […]

AMF, midsummer orchard management

By Terence Bradshaw Despite localized rains early this week, it’s still really dry out there. That means running irrigation if you can, and considering what it will take to get it in the future because I expect we’ll be seeing more of these extreme dry summers. That also means that summer diseases haven’t been much […]

Cooling off orchard activities

By Terence Bradshaw Now that we have a respite from the heat wave, I imagine growers are thinking about what needs to be managed in Vermont orchards. As a rule, there aren’t any across-the-state IPM issues that I expect every grower will be facing. In warmer areas, it’s still a decent time to apply a […]

Spraying and hot weather

By Terence Bradshaw This is just a quick note to urge caution for anyone planning to spray grapes or apples ahead of the upcoming hot spell which is expected to start tomorrow. Meteorologists are calling already saying that this may be the most intense heat event seen in Vermont in recent history, particularly in terms […]