Northern Grapes Project March 2015 News You Can Use: Grapevine Nutrition

pdf is at: News You Can Use Grapevine Nutrition Iron chlorosis on grapes. Photo: Harlene Hatterman-Valenti As cold-hardy winegrape cultivars are still fairly new, optimal soil and tissue nutrient concentration ranges have not yet been established, and growers are relying on recommendations developed for Vitis vinifera and V. labrusca cultivars grown in more traditional […]

Cider Apple Production in VT: March 30, 2015 Educational Meeting

The UVM Apple Program in conjunction with UVM Extension Risk Management Agency will be hosting an educational meeting to discuss opportunities in expanding apple production to meet the needs of the growing (hard) cider market in the region. The meeting will be held at the Woodchuck Cider Tasting Room, 1321 Exchange Street, Middlebury, VT, from […]

Northeastern NY Vineyard Workshops 2015

Please excuse any duplications, I know many of us are on the same lists. 2015 Northeastern NY Vineyard Workshop Series flyer.pdf

March Northern Grapes Project Newsletter