recruiting farmers- regulations research study

Growers: Meredith is a professor in Nutrition & Food Science who specializes in Food & Ag Policy

Farmers face regulation on a variety of topics. How do these regulations impact agriculture? How long does it take to comply and what does it cost? Are there strategies that could simply regulatory frameworks? Are there ways to make compliance more efficient? Researchers at UVM want to hear from Vermont farmers about how much time and what kind of actions are required to comply with different regulations. This information may identify pathways for regulation changes and gives farmers a voice in expressing how regulations affect their farm. If you are interesting in sharing your perspective, please contact Dr. Meredith Niles at 802-656-4337 or mtniles to schedule an interview. She will travel to your farm for convenience. All individual information will remain anonymous in the reporting of results. Farmers will be compensated with $50 for their time. Interviews will begin in November 2017 and take place through the Winter of 2017.

Meredith T. Niles, PhD

Assistant Professor

Food Systems Program

Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences

350 Carrigan Wing, Marsh Life Sciences Building

University of Vermont


Office: 802-656-4337