Fire blight model upgrade in pace for 2017

[Terence Bradshaw] See the note below regarding upgrades to the Fire Blight model in NEWA that will be implemented this year. Upgrades to the apple scab model will be coming as well.- TB

We are pleased to announce that an upgrade to the fire blight model on NEWA is now in place, available from

Kerik, Keith Eggleston and I worked to put this together. It incorporates season long disease management messages, an infection potential (EIP) calculation, Cougarblight logic upgrades, wetness events color-coded and calendar sensitive changes to the risk predictions.

These improvements were based on suggestions and comments from the field, as well as upgrades to Cougarblight in Washington. We hope you will like the new fire blight tool and welcome any suggestions you have going forward.

We are also working on upgrades to the apple scab model. We’ll write a blog and Scaffolds newsletter article on all of these once they are both operational.

-Julie Carroll