RIMpro, A Useful Apple Scab Model for 2016

By Terence Bradshaw

January 21, 2016

I am forwarding this message on from Cornell Emeritus Plant Pathologist David Rosenberger. There is a relatively new decision support system tool available (for a fee, please see the link for details) that alloo0ws growers to import weather data into an apple scab model that has potentially greater usefulness than the traditional Mills table models we presently include. For more details, see Dave’s blog post at: http://blogs.cornell.edu/plantpathhvl/2016/01/21/rimpro-a-useful-apple-scab-risk-model-for-2016/

There will be a meeting for researcher, extension personnel, and growers in the Hudson Valley on March 14 to describe the system as well as other new technologies to help manage apple scab and fire blight. Attendees will receive complimentary access to RIMpro for the 2016 season. Details on the meeting specifically are available at: http://www.redtomato.org/summit