Calibrating Airblast Sprayers, June 29 or 30

Forwarding this great opportunity to the Vermont grower community. This would be appropriate for apple, grape, and other berry (e.g., bramble, blueberry, etc.) growers.-TB

Wednesday, June 29

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Whitecliff Vineyard, 331 Mckinstry Rd, Gardiner, NY 12525.


Thursday, June 30

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Rulf’s Orchard, 531 Bear Swamp Road, Peru, NY 12972

George Hamilton, University of New Hampshire Extension Field Specialist Emeritus, will demonstrate the importance of and best techniques to calibrate air blast sprayers. Proper calibration will ensure effective, efficient, economical and legal spraying. Inadequate spray coverage is usually the cause of poor spray efficacy and additional spray applications. Overuse of some sprays results in unhealthy residues and can lead to fines.

Calibration should be done several times each season, or when you incorporate any new equipment or repairs – from the tractor to the nozzle. Join us for a refresher or send new employees for training. This workshop is open for any grower that relies on an airblast sprayer to deliver plant protectants to fruit or vegetable crops.

$20 per farm—Pre-registration is Required

(Please list each person attending so that we have a proper count…space is limited)

2.0 DEC credits available in 10, 1A, 22, and 23

Register Here:


3:00 pm – Welcome and Introductions

3:10 pm – Why are you Spraying and Benefits of Calibrating

3:20 pm – Calibration Factors Affecting Application Rate

3:35 pm – Pre-Calibration

3:45 pm – Sprayer Maintenance

4:00 pm – Calibration Notes

4:10 pm – Calibration Demonstration (water sensitive paper deployment exercise included)

4:30 pm – How to evaluate success – Understand deposition

4:55 pm – Q&A

5:00 pm – Adjourn