UVM Farming Practices Panel, Tues June 26

By Terence Bradshaw

Panel on Farming Practices
Tuesday June 26, 6-8 PM
Sugar Maple Ballroom, 4th floor
Davis Center,
University of Vermont

Dissecting Competing Philosophies in Vermont Agriculture

Organic – Maddie Kempner, NOFA-VT
Conventional – Dr. Terence Bradshaw, UVM Plant and Soil Science
Regenerative Agriculture – Corie Pierce, Bread & Butter Farm
Permaculture – Keith Morris, Prospect Rock Permaculture
Agroecology – Dr. Ernesto Mendez UVM Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative – ALC

Moderator: S’ra DeSantis, UVM Farmer Training Program

Livestream at: https://www.youtube.com/user/universityofvermont/live

The event will be archived on the UVM YouTube channel.

Have you ever wondered what distinguishes organic agriculture from conventional agriculture or permaculture from agroecology and regenerative ag? We hear these words often in the agricultural community and it can be confusing to distinguish one from the other. Come join us for an evening of intellectual and practical discussion as we hear from five experts in these fields and work to dissect the meanings of these important concepts and practices. Our panel will speak to the significance of these agricultural practices in both their personal careers and in agriculture as a whole.

Sponsored by UVM Farmer Training Program, UVM Catamount Farm, NOFA-VT, UVM Agroecology and Livelihoods Collaborative – ALC

For more information please contact S’ra DeSantis, 802-324-3073, sra.desantis@uvm.edu

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