Federal crop insurance deadlines

From: Jake Jacobs
To: Terence Bradshaw
Subject: RE: Crop insurance deadlines?

Hi Terry,

You are correct – sales closing date for crop insurance for apples and peaches is November 20.

I am waiting for reply on an updated Vermont fact sheet for apple growers. In the meantime, there’s info available from RMA. I have attached the RMA fact sheets for 2018 apple and peach crops and also Whole Farm Revenue Protection program (WFRP). WFRP can cover a single commodity but offers some advantages for growers who have multiple commodities, up to a max of $8.5 million in revenue. Apparently quite a few apple growers in Washington state and the northwest are taking advantage of this program, some even going so far as splitting larger orchards into small enough tracts to be able to qualify to participate.


Fact Sheet.RMA 2018 apples.pdf
Fact Sheet.RMA 2018 peaches.pdf
Fact Sheet.WFRP.Aug2017.pdf