Cider Apple Survey: Please respond by September 1

August 25, 2014

As part of the Vermont Working Lands Enterprise Initiative-funded project “Apple Market Optimization and Expansion through Value-Added Hard Cider Production,” we are conducting a survey of orchards and commercial hard cider makers to assess demands and production capacity for apples that may be destined for the hard cider market. There are two surveys, please complete the one most appropriate for your business. If you both grow fruit and make hard cider as separate or related businesses, please feel free to complete both surveys. Wineries that produce apple-based products are also invited to participate.

Even if you don’t make cider or sell fruit to cideries, it is important to complete the survey in order to assess Vermont’s capacity to continue to serve a leading role in this growing market.

Orchard survey:

Cidery survey:

Please complete these short surveys before September 1.

The hard cider industry is growing at a rapid pace, with annual sales growth of over 50% for each of the past five years. Through this project we will: identify production capacity and needs for market expansion; identify orchard production system and varieties suited for hard cider; and conduct economic analysis to determine price points for cider apples. This survey will provide important baseline data that will inform this and future apple research that will support increased market expansion for Vermont-grown fruit.

Terence Bradshaw, UVM Tree Fruit and Viticulture Specialist

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