Followup information from Feb 13 annual Apple growers’ meeting

By Terence Bradshaw

I’ve been taking notes during today’s VTFGA / UVM Apple Program annual meeting. This is useful even if you didn’t make the meeting on Feb 13. Here goes:

1. Slides from the talks will be available at:
They should be up there shortly.

2. Please consider taking our pretty short survey on cider apple production. Even if you don’t grow cider apples, knowing that is helpful to develop baseline data for the New England Cider Apple Project.

3. The Vermont Agriculture Food System Plan: 2020 is available at:
Vermont Secretary of Agriculture Anson Tebbetts discusses the report here:
This report was generated by agriculture professional and stakeholders and vetted by industry participants. So, the apple chapter was written by me and coauthored by the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers Association board of directors.

4. Dr. Anna Wallingford from UNH referenced the Xerces society in her talk on Integrated Pest and Pollinator Management. She also referenced A Pesticide Decision-making Guide to Protect Pollinators in Tree Fruit Orchards.

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