OnLine Pesticide Applicator Recertification Courses – NE Reciprocity

Passing these training opportunities on from our colleagues at University of New Hampshire. If you need pesticide credits, or just want to pick up some tips on application or safety, check them out. -TB

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My name is Rachel Maccini, I am the Pesticide Safety Education Program, Coordinator with UNH Extension. We have created and have received approval from our State Lead Agency (NH Department of Agriculture, Markets & Food, Division of Pesticide Control) for recertification credits on 11 online Pesticide Safety courses. The courses are focused on important pesticide related topics. The courses are available to all certified pesticide applicators throughout New England and have been approved by Pennsylvania’s State Lead Agency as well. Because New England has reciprocity with each NE state, if a state lead agency has approved an event, workshop, course and/or meeting it will be accepted in other NE states, we are hopeful you will offer these opportunities to your clientele. The courses are located on the eXtension website and can be accessed 24 hours a day. Each course is designed to be interactive, keeping the student engaged while involving them in the learning. The courses cost between $20-$40 per course (depending on the topic). Once the course is complete the student will take an assessment in which they will need to pass before a certificate of completion is awarded. If you need additional information and would like to discuss this in more depth please let me know.

Topics available to pesticide applicators:

Calculations for Mixing the Right amount of Pesticides Category Right of Way

Calculations for Mixing the Right amount of Pesticides Category Structural Pest Control

Calculations for Mixing the Right amount of Pesticides Category Turf

Welcome to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Recertification Course

New Hampshire’s Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Recertification Course

New Hampshire’s Pesticide Hazards and First Aid first aid route of entry Recertification Course

New Hampshire’s Label and Labeling Recertification Course

New Hampshire’s Storage and Disposal Recertification Course

New Hampshire’s Backpack Sprayer – Part One Recertification Course

New Hampshire’s Backpack Sprayer – Part Two Recertification Course

Worker Protection Standard (WPS)

Rachel Maccini MS Ed.

Pesticide Safety Education Program Manager









329 Mast Road

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Goffstown, NH 03045

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