2019 New England Tree Fruit Management Guide available!

By Terence Bradshaw

For as long as I’ve been in this fruit business with UVM (1995-present) and well before, the cooperating Extension fruit programs of the New England Universities have collaborated on a management guide for commercial tree fruit growers. That guide has taken numerous forms, but in 2017, we switched a on online-only platform due mainly lack of funds to prepare and print the guide every year. The online guide is still available, and should be a main resource for fruit growers: http://netreefruit.org/. That guide is formatted for both desktop and mobile devices, and will always be the most up-to-date one published.

In response to demand for a printed, hard-copy guide, we formatted the online guide into a 300-page, spiral-bound version that may be useful to keep in the truck, tractor, or spray shed. I have twenty copies available at: www.regonline.com/2019netreefruitmanagementguide. Copies are $25 postage-paid, and I plan to ship Wednesday and Friday this week. If there is demand for more copies, they may be available from UMASS or other cooperating states.

Good luck out there, at the UVM orchard, the spray season already started today.


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