Northern Grapes Webinar Announcement: February 7, with Megan Hall

Northern Grapes Webinar

Sour rot: understanding and managing a complex disease

February 7, 2019, 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (12:00 Noon Central Time)

Dr. Megan Hall

Assistant Research Professor of Viticulture,

University of Missouri

Columbia, Missouri

Dr. Hall is an Assistant Research Professor of Viticulture at the University of Missouri, in the Division of Plant Sciences. She earned a Ph.D. from Cornell University for her work on the grape disease complex sour rot. At MU, she is continuing her research on sour rot, exploring the role of Drosophila in the disease complex, and in addition, she is conducting research on the endophytic microbiota of grapes, exploring both the source of endophytes and the effects of those endophytes on grape physiology and disease susceptibility.

The webinar will cover sour rot, a late-season bunch rot that is prevalent in vineyards worldwide, and presents a challenge for growers, winemakers and researchers. It is a disease complex consisting of yeast, acetic acid bacteria and fruit flies, all of which must be present in order for symptoms to develop. Management strategies primarily include targeting fruit flies, and efforts to target just the microbes have not yielded consistently successful results. Research on the role of the flies in the sour rot complex is ongoing.

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