Important Grape Survey: Please complete this week if you can

Good evening:

The UVM Fruit Program is working on a number of grant applications and planned activities for the coming season and needs information from the industry to best direct our efforts. You can help by completing this survey as soon as possible so that we may guide our grant writing efforts in the next week or so. Please complete by Sunday, April 11 if possible. We are looking for input from vineyards and wineries of all sizes, as in Vermont as well as surrounding states.

The first part of the survey should only take a few minutes to complete. The last section should also go quickly, but asks for detailed cultivar, acreage, and crop price information, so having that data handy for your vineyard / winery would be handy when completing.

Data will only be reported in aggregate form- Qualtrics does not allow us to track responses to surveys back to individual operations. All data are accessible only to UVM Fruit Program Director Terence Bradshaw, and we are bound to strict confidentiality. If you have any questions. Please contact me directly.

Thank you,

Terry Bradshaw