Webinar Series: “Clean Plants for the future of the Eastern Wine and Grape Industry

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Here’s an announcement for a webinar series on nursery stock and the National Clean Plant Network. Its aimed especially at producers in the East, but may be of interest also to others. A one-page PDF flier is also attached. One-time online registration is required.

Thursdays at Noon (Eastern Time). March 10, 17, 24, and 31.

Clean Plants for the Future of the Eastern Wine and Grape Industry

How the National Clean Plant Network, new testing protocols and a revitalized NY certification program will reduce the risk of nursery-transmitted viral pathogens.

Since 2008, National Clean Plant Network Centers have joined together to efficiently produce, maintain, and distribute healthy grapevine budwood to the industry. These materials are starting to make their way to nurseries, and ultimately, to end-users. This four-part webinar series will cover the process of producing and distributing virus-tested plant material, graft-transmissible diseases and their impact, New York State’s new testing and certification program, and New York nurseries’ investment in new motherblocks and propagation procedures.

March 10: The Pipeline: From tissue culture to your vineyard.

Joshua Puckett, FPS, UC Davis and Tim Martinson, Cornell University

March 17: Viral diseases transmitted through nursery stock in the East: Grapevine Leafroll Disease, Tomato Ringspot, and Grapevine Red Blotch

Marc Fuchs, Cornell University; Annemiek Schilder, Michigan State University; and Mizuho Nita, Virginia Tech

March 24: Crown gall biology and management; Value of virus-tested plant material.

Tom Burr, Cornell University and Shadi Atallah, University of New Hampshire

March 31: New York’s revitalized grapevine certification program, and New York nurseries’ plans for the future

Marc Fuchs, Cornell University; Margaret Kelly, NYS Department of Ag and Markets; Dennis Rak, Double A Vineyards; Eric Amberg, Grafted Grape Nursery; Fred Merwarth, Hermann Weimer Nursery

Preregistration is required. Register online at: http://tinyurl.com/NCPNgrapes

For more information and list of speakers:


Timothy E. Martinson, Ph.D

Senior Extension Associate

Section of Horticulture,School of Integrative Plant Science

New York State Agricultural Experiment Station

Cornell University

PH 315-787-2448

FAX: 315-787-2216

Cell: 607-592-2616


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