Northern Grapes Project: Managing Winter-Injured Vines

June 3, 2014

At the UVM vineyard we completed shoot thinning late last week after leaving a generous number of buds during dormant pruning. Our concern was winter damage on fruit buds, cordons, and even trunks with a few cultivars. Overall, things look okay for us, although some of the tender table grapes (especially Vanessa) are looking questionable, and the Corot Noir, among the wine grapes, likely suffered some trunk damage that will take some time to see the extent of.

With that said, please read the attached article from Dr. Tim Martinson as part of the Northern Grapes Project on how to manage winter injured vines now that they are growing (or not).

Terence Bradshaw, UVM Tree Fruit and Viticulture Specialist

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NGP_Managing Winter Injured Vines.pdf

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