Vermont Agriculture Hall of Fame Awards Nominations are open!

Since 2002, more than 100 farmers, producers and people dedicated to supporting Vermont’s working landscape have been inducted into the Vermont Agricultural Hall of Fame! Each new year brings new nominations throughout Vermont’s Agricultual landscape. Nominations do not carry over from previous years if not selected, but we invite you to resubmit nominations again this year if compelled.

You may nominate one individual per category. Nominations will be accepted until 5pm Friday March 8th.

Please submit between 500/1000 words regarding your nomination and keep in mind that the judging panel may not be familiar with the nominee.

There are 3 categories:

Emerging Leader: This category highlights those who are stepping up to become the next generation of agricultural leaders in Vermont. Age 40 or younger (born after June 1, 1984), these individuals demonstrate a deep commitment to Vermont’s working landscape and are poised to lead our Ag community into the future. They are remarkable for their service, youthful energy, and dedication to Vermont agriculture.

Ag Innovator: Those in consideration for this category have demonstrated a fresh and forward-thinking approach to agriculture. They are making or have made a significant, positive impact on Vermont, in areas such as but not limited to: growing the local economy, promoting stewardship and conservation, improving community health and nutrition, developing new tools and practices, and using alternative models in business and land ownership. They are notable for their unique perspective and unconventional approach. (Age is not a factor for consideration in this category.)

Lifetime Achievement: This category recognizes those who have made a significant contribution to the advancement, improvement, or development of Vermont agriculture over the course of their long career. Nominees shall have played an active role in Vermont agriculture for at least thirty years.

The Vermont Ag Hall of Fame organizing committee encourages nominations from and of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color.