Grafting Workshop for Commercial Producers

Passing this on from our colleagues at University of New Hampshire. -TB

UNH Extension Grafting Workshop for Commercial Orchardists

Please consider attending our upcoming Grafting Workshop for Commercial Orchardists to be held on the afternoon of February 16th at Poverty Lane Orchards in Lebanon, New Hampshire. Please note that space is limited and registration is required.

Commercial grafters from Virginia will be on site for detailed instruction, along with our host farm owner, Steve Wood. A major focus will be to understand the principles of effective grafting and practice the grafting cuts being taught, and participants will have access to instructors throughout the class for guidance.

Grafting new cultivars onto existing apple trees in the orchard offers many advantages. In this case, there is a larger initiative at play. Research has shown that select cultivars are particularly attractive to plum curculio (PC) and apple maggot fly (AMF). Grafted trees can serve as trap trees to hold PC and AMF, where they can be controlled, reducing the need for insecticide applications to the remainder of the orchard block. More information about this initiative will be shared at the workshop.

For full details and to register, please visit the event page here.

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