Survey: Grape Growers in New England and New York

I know things are busy, but stakeholder data from surveys like this is exactly what we need to help develop programs to support our grape and wine industry. Please consider spending a few minutes to add your data to the set. It will take less time than it does to drink a glass of wine. -Terry
If you are a commercial grape grower in New England or New York, please fill in the survey below so we know how to better help you.

Your response will be used to prioritize future Extension and research efforts.

It should take between 5-15 min. The deadline is Friday August 6, 2021.

Completing this survey will automatically enter you into a raffle to win a $150 gift certificate & a free subscription to the Grape Notes Newsletter.


Elsa Petit, Sonia Schloemann, Jessica Ellis and Max Resnick on behalf of the UMass Extension Fruit Program