VT Apple IPM – More codling moth materials

A good question came up today regarding my recent recommendation on codling moth management: “Saw your note on Codling Moth and was wondering if Assail or Leverage or Belay would work as well as what you listed (Intrepid, Altacor, Belt, Rimon)?”

It’s helpful to have someone read your words back to you. The materials I mentioned are all pretty targeted, if not specific to, lepidopteran pests, and are all effective against codling moth. My unspoken statement was that if you are only targeting CM and want to use a ‘softer’ material, these fit the bill. But certainly, if you still have fresh curculio activity, or just have another material ready to go in the shed, a more broad-spectrum pesticide is fine to use. Assail, Delegate, Imidan, Voliam Flexi, and Danitol are other materials rated at high efficacy against CM in the New England Tree Fruit Management Guide. By all means, use them. Managing CM in high-pressure orchards is pretty critical now.

Take care. I’ll be out tomorrow morning with a tank of Intrepid and Calcium at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning. Were I in the commercial business, I might consider one last fungicide before calling it good for apple scab, but it’s important to get the fire blight I’ve seen out of the orchard and the 4-hour REI on Intrepid is pretty key to getting that done.

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