VTFGA Fall Marketing

August 5, 2020

Sharing this information from VTFGA President Eric Boire on the fall apple marketing campaign. -TB

From: Eric Boire

Greetings Growers,

As we gear up for our fall marketing campaigns this year I wanted to give you all a quick update on where we stand and what’s going to be different.

  1. The Vermont Department of Tourism is going to run an ad in SevenDays on 9/16 promoting Vermont apples and the fall picking season.  What they need for this ad and potentially some thereafter is some photos from you.  Specifically, photos of you with a mask on in or around your orchard.  There is a pretty quick turnaround on submitting our photos we only have until 8/11 to submit. So please consider getting a photo back to me, dust off the grandparents or kids and get them out in the orchard. They are the most photogenic anyway. Hopefully this is the start of a new relationship the Department of Tourism and getting some fresh fall marketing campaigns going again.
  1. The Vermont Department of Health is going to be participating in the YOUfirst apple program again this year. Just to refresh everyone, VDH purchases around 60-80 certificates from the VTFGA to give out to their qualifying members.  The certificate is good for a half bushel of apples and all you have to do is collect the certificate and turn them back in to me at the end of the season (or just give me the count). They can be redeemed with the VTFGA for up to 35.00 dollars or whatever you charge for a half bushel.  Due to covid, this year VDH is asking for a list of growers who will have pre-packaged half bushels at their orchard.  They want their members to have that option if they are not comfortable with going out and picking this season.  If any of you are interested in learning more about the YOUfirst program in general you should check out the Department of Health’s website under Health Promotion and Chronic Diseases.

Give me a call or email with any questions. Preferably with a photo attached.

Eric Boire

President, VTFGA


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