Register for: Northern Grapes Webinar February 18 “Update on Trunk Injury and Disease Surveys in Minnesota and New York”

Northern Grapes Webinar

Update on Trunk Injury and Disease Surveys in Minnesota and New York

Annie Klodd and collaborators Matt Clark, Bob Blanchette, and Davy DeKrey: University of Minnesota

Janet Van Zoeren and Tim Martinson: Cornell University

February 18, 2020, 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (1:00 PM Central Time)

Annie Klodd

Extension Educator – Fruit and Vegetable Production

University of Minnesota Extension

St. Paul Minnesota

Annie conducts outreach and applied research to benefit fruit and vegetable growers of all sizes in Minnesota. Viticulture is an important part of her program.

Tim Martinson

Senior Extension Associate – Viticulture

Cornell University Extension

Geneva, New York

Tim is the senior extension associate in the section of horticulture, school of integrative plant science, based at Cornell AgriTech in Geneva, NY. He is the statewide viticulture extension specialist and outreach coordinator for the VitisGen2 project.

Two surveys addressing trunk injury and trunk diseases were undertaken in 2019 in Minnesota and New York. The Minnesota survey focused on identifying trunk pathogens and their impact in the upper Midwest. In the New York survey, we quantified the extent of missing grapevine canopy due to dead arms, missing vines, and visible Eutypa, and Crown Gall symptoms by examining 300 vines in 60 vineyard blocks. Percent canopy reduction in hybrids ranged from 0.5 to 26% (median=5%) and in vinifera ranged from 1 to 70% (median=10%). We will discuss management options for addressing trunk injury.

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Timothy E. Martinson, Ph. D.

Senior Extension Associate

Statewide Viticulture Extension Program

Section of Horticulture, School of Integrative Plant Science

Cornell AgriTech

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

106 Hedrick Hall

630 West North Street

Geneva, NY


Cornell University

office: 315-787-2448

mobile: 607-592-2616