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FYI: pre-registration is absolutely necessary for this event.

La Crescent Wine Tasting – LAST CHANCE TO REGISTER!

Come taste a variety of 2015 La Crescent wines from Victory View Vineyards, Lincoln Peak Vineyards and Cornell’s Vinification & Brewing Lab. Compare and contrast the role of a variety of variables including site, ML timing and yeast strain.

This tasting is open to all current industry members. There is no cost, but pre-registration is required by Monday, July 25.

Date: July 28, 2016
Time: 1-4pm
Location: Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center, Lake George, NY

Cold climate white grapes often have robust aromatic properties but also contain excessive acid. A 2015 trial focused on ways to optimize La Crescent quality through biological de-acidifcation methods. Believed to be a way to both reduce acid and maintain varietal character, co-inoculation of ML strains was compared with traditional (sequential) inoculation and a control without MLF. The trial also employed a yeast strain (71B) capable of metabolizing some malic acid.

Grapes sourced from Victory View Vineyards in Schaghticoke, NY, were transported to Geneva where small fermentations were carried out and tracked throughout the production process. Victory View and Lincoln Peak Vineyards in New Haven, VT also produced small commercial lots of wine employing the same yeast and ML strains. This project was conducted in collaboration with Scott Labs and Lallemand.

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