Wet weather over the weekend…and continuing

By Terence Bradshaw

This joint apple/grape notice is in reference to the amount of rain that fell Sunday. Rainfall amounts at all NEWA stations in Vermont were between one and two inches, and closer to the latter. Most pesticides can be considered completely depleted by two inches of precipitation, so we can assume that most orchards and vineyards have little to no coverage now.

For apples, overwintering scab inoculum can largely be assumed to be depleted, but it would be prudent to keep coverage on trees for another week or so. Insects are the main targets right now: codling moth; leafrollers; and plum curculio are all active. For vineyards, we are entering peak disease season, with phomopsis, black rot, powdery and downy mildews all active as we enter the immediate prebloom window.

The take home: get out and get covered as soon as weather conditions allow.