Tile Drainage Field Day – planning for August Capital District

This field day may be helpful for growers interested in learning about and seeing tile drainage installation in action. Please RSVP directly to Aaron.

From Aaron D. Gabriel, Capital Area Agriculture and Horticulture Program:


We are planning to have a Tile Drainage Field Day the last week of August, provided that the weather cooperates.


Please email, text, or call me if you want to attend.  And once I know, I will tell you the date and time.


Here are the details:

  • The location will be my farm at 119 Waite Rd., Easton, Washington County.

o   One field will be tiled with a tile-plow by Travis Allen.  The 9-acre field is way out in back, the Google GPS coordinates are: 43.010097, -73.580610.  (past these coordinates into google to find the field.)  I will have sandwich board signs directing you on Waite Rd, directing you down the Henderson’s dirt laneway under the powerlines.  Follow the signs.  This is an interesting field with gentle and steep slope in various directions.  We are planning on three separate outlets.  Hudson silt loam soil.

o   I will try to have another drainage tile being laid that day in my pasture by our red barn right on Waite Rd.  This will be dug with a backhoe.

  • I will have NRCS and other experienced folks along with Travis to explain the process and answer questions.
  • To drive out to the “9-acre field”, you will go down and up a fairly steep pasture.  Should not be a problem for most cars.  It is not a far walk if you have to park before the “gully”.
  • This field day will be about the nuts and bolts of draining fields.
  • Please RSVP.
  • Please share this notice with other folks.


I hope to see you there.


Aaron Gabriel, Sr. Extension Resource Educator, Agronomy

Cornell Cooperative Extension                                     518-380-1496 cell

415 Lower Main St.                                                      518-746-2560 ofc

Hudson Falls, NY 12839                                               adg12@cornell.edu


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