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Herbicide Drift

June 2015

2,4-D damage on Baco Noir in western New York. Fan-shaped leaves are almost always seen with 2,4-D injury.

Photo: Tim Weigel, Cornell University

Damage from herbicide drift is, unfortunately, something that a number of grape growers are all too familiar with. The effects of off-target herbicide damage can range from mild to devastating, and the effects can persist for well over one year. The Northern Grapes Project has focused some attention on herbicide drift, even though it is not one of the key objectives of the project, as it is an area of concern for many growers of cold-hardy grapes.

Below are links to good resources, both from the Northern Grapes Project and other sources. Many are from Mike White, Iowa State University Extension and Outreach, and team member of the Northern Grapes Project. Most of the resources linked below contain links to other additional, valuable resources.

Article from February 12, 2013 Northern Grapes News

Herbicide Drift – A Strong Defense is Your Best Offense, by Mike White


Slide sets from Herbicide Drift Seminar and Webinar

On November 3, 2012, a herbicide drift seminar and webinar was held at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, NE. This event was a cooperative effort of Nebraska Winery and Grape Growers Association, University of Nebraska Viticulture, and the Northern Grapes Project. Below are links to the slide sets:

· What is Drift? and Find a Drift Consultant, Perspectives on Herbicide Drift, Spray and Drift Online Resources. (Mike White)

· The View from New York: Diagnosis, Economics, and Management of Grape Injury from 2,4-D and Other Growth Regulator Herbicides. (Tim Martinson)

Top 10 Questions about Herbicide Drift into Vineyards


(from Mike White’s Wine Grower News #243, 5/29/13)

The 2015 Pesticide Drift Season is Here


(from Mike White’s Wine Grower News #302, 5/16/15, scroll to second page)


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