April NGP News You Can Use: Winery Profitability


News You Can Use

Winery Profitability
April 2015

Tug Hill Vineyards, Lowville, NY

Photo: David Hansen, University of Minnesota

In this issue of News You Can Use, we are highlighting two past Northern Grapes Project webinars, both by Gregg McConnell of Farm Credit East, who directs their Winery Benchmarks Program.

In the first webinar, Gregg discussed what is a reasonable expectation of profitability for a winery based on its size, when can that profit be expected, and perhaps most important, when will that profit turn to cash flow.

Gregg covered “what happens next” after the start-up phase during the second webinar. He focused on helping viewers to make reasonable choices that will put them in a financial position to succeed, while leaving them with options if things didn’t turn out as planned.

Below are links to two webinars, as well as the URL for the Farm Credit East Winery Benchmarks Program:

April 9, 2013 Webinar

January 14, 2014 Webinar


Farm Credit East Winery Benchmarks Program


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