Spreadsheet Exercises in Conservation Biology and Landscape Ecology Chapters

Each Chapter contains a .pdf with the text, a completed example spreadsheet (.xlsx), a spreadsheet shell (.xlsx). Some Chapters also include a .pdf with answers to questions in the chapter. Some chapters require macros in Excel. Click here to learn more about macros.

Chapter 0: Spreadsheet Tips and Tricks
Chapter 1: Mathematical Functions and Graphs
Chapter 2: Spreadsheet Functions and Macros (macros)
Chapter 3: Statistical Distributions (macros)
Chapter 4: Central Limit Theorem (macros)
Chapter 5: Hypothesis Testing: Alpha, Beta, and Power (macros)
Chapter 6: Sampling Species Richness (macros)
Chapter 7: Geometric and Exponential Population Growth
Chapter 8: Logistic Population Models
Chapter 10: Life Tables, Survivorship Curves, and Population Growth
Chapter 13: Reproductive Value: Matrix Approach
Chapter 14: Reproductive Value: Life Table Approach
Chapter 15: Sensitivity and Elasticity Analysis
Chapter 18: Population Estimation with Mark-Recapture Techniques
Chapter 20: Adaptation: Persistence in a Changing Environment (Macros)
Chapter 21: Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium (Macros)
Chapter 22: Gene Flow and Population Structure
Chapter 24: Inbreeding, Outbreeding, and Random Mating
Chapter 27: Demographic Stochasticity (Macros)
Chapter 32: Triage: Prioritizing Species and Habitats
Chapter 35: Neutral Landscape Theory and Connectivity (Macros)

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Page Last Updated: June 26, 2020

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