R for Fledglings

We’ve been asked to provide a short introduction to R and its utility in natural resource management. The result is the e-book, R for Fledglings. This e-book is targeted to new users of R along the lines of the “Dummies” books. However, unlike the “Dummies” books, the concepts build with each new chapter, so R for Fledglings is intended to be followed sequentially. 

A few e-book tips are worth mentioning. To read a chapter, just click on the link. Don’t forget that you can control the font size of your web browser by pressing Ctrl + (to enlarge it) or Ctrl – (to shrink it). You may also find it handy to shrink the size of your web browser so that you can have both R and R for Fledglings open side-by-side. Finally, we will likely update R for Fledglings as new functions become available or as we learn new tricks. Make sure that you reading the latest version by refreshing your browser before you begin reading. The first chapter is a must-read — it introduces you to R and R Studio, and tells you how to get started. See you there!

Table of Contents

A Brief Tour of RStudio
Data Wrangling Part 1
Data Wrangling Part 2
Data Wrangling with dplyr
Statistical Analysis
R Markdown
Writing Functions
Data Simulation
Slideshows with R

Any Questions/Comments? Please contact tdonovan@uvm.edu.

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