Spreadsheet Exercises in Conservation Biology and Landscape Ecology

Originally published by Sinauer Associates, Spreadsheet Exercises in Ecology and Evolution can now be downloaded for free, courtesy of Therese Donovan, Charles Welden, and Sinauer Associates. These exercises were developed to teach our own students how to put a spreadsheet model together from scratch, while at the same time learning some fundamental models and concepts in the fields of ecology and evolution. Once you understand how models are put together, it is fairly easy to move into another modeling format (e.g., Mathematica, Stella).

Each exercise comes with instructions for building a spreadsheet, a spreadsheet shell (that includes headings), completed spreadsheets, and answers. Before you begin, please read the book preface, which describes how to approach these exercises. Note that all exercises were written with the assumption that exercises 0-3 have been mastered.

Please cite this work as: Donovan, T. M. and C. Welden. 2002. Spreadsheet exercises in ecology and evolution. Sinauer Associates, Inc. Sunderland, MA, USA.

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