Printing of your DEA certificate

5/2023: Every few years I have to download my DEA certificate (“DEA license”) for credentialing. I always forget how to do it so I’m writing down the steps here in case someone else needs help with this. You need some details from your old DEA certificate, so hopefully you have a copy of that.

  1. Go to the DEA Registration Reprint Certificate page. Here’s the link:
  2. Type in your DEA license #
  3. On the next page, type in your last name, SSN without dashes, your ZIP code (this might be for your office/medical center rather than your home address), and expiration date. If your DEA certificate expired since you last tried to download it, try adding 3 years to the expiration date on your last DEA certificate.
  4. On the next screen, type in your DOB in MM-DD-YYYY. Click “validate DOB”.
  5. Download your certificate and save as PDF. You are done.
  6. Bonus: Do other things on the DEA website. From the page you land on for #5, hit “done” and you’ll get to the “Logout” screen, saying that you have been successfully logged out. This is a lie. Hit the back button on your browser. You’ll now see “Available Options” (“New Registration” “Collector Status Request/Update Login” “Registration Renewal” “Registration Update” “Check Registration Status” “Registration Reprint Receipt” “Registration Reprint Certificate” “Registration Validation” “Request Form 222” “ADS Registration”).