Emailing Outlook calendar availability

Scheduling meetings with someone inside of your institution is pretty easy in Outlook since you can typically look at shared availability with the Scheduling Assistant when generating a calendar invitation. Things get a bit more complex for folks outside of your institutions, which is why there are services like Doodle,, and When you are trying to meet with 1 or 2 people outside of your institution, you can instead directly send your calendar availability in-line in an email.


  1. Pop out your email message draft
  2. Click to set your cursor where you want your calendar to appear
  3. Click insert –> calendar (you probably need to make your window full screen in order to see this calendar option)


4. Change the date range to “specify dates…”

5. The start date will be today. Change the end date to some other date.

6. Click “okay” and then you’ll have your calendar in-line! It also tacks on an ics file.