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Produce Safety Planning

A Small Farmer’s Guide to Food Safety | PDF
On-Farm Food Safety: Cleaning and Sanitizing Guide | PDF
Sanitation and Postharvest Handling | Web Page
Food Safety Resource Clearinghouse | Website
Labeled Sanitizers for Produce – Excel Tool Version 4 | Download, Instructional Video
Farm Food Safety Plan Writing Resources | Website
A Guide to Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting | Web Page, PDF
Improving Hand washing Stations | Web Page, PDF
Planning an Efficient and Safe Wash/Pack Area | Web Page, Video Webinar


Introduction to Selecting an EPA-Labeled Sanitizer | PDF
Safely Dispensing Sanitizers | Web Page
Infiltration in Produce During Washing | Video

Hygienic & Sanitary Design

Bins Buckets, Baskets & Totes | Web Page, Video
Cleaning Tools & Supplies for Produce Farms | Web Page, Video
Hygienic and Sanitary Design for Produce Farms | Web Page, PDF
Drains for Produce Farms | Web Page, PDF
Finish Surfaces for Produce and Food Areas | Web Page, PDF
Floor Design for Vegetable Wash, Pack, and Storage Areas | Web Page, PDF
Backflow Prevention on Produce Farms | Web Page, PDF
Rats & Rodents | Web Page, PDF
Repairing Cracks and Pitting in Concrete Floors | Web Page, Video
Spray Tables for Produce Farms | Web Page, Podcast
Vegetable Wash Sinks | Web Page, PDF

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

What are SOPs? | Video
How to Clean and Sanitize | Video
Farm Cooler Checklist | Web Page, PDF
Cleaning the Conveyor in a Brush Washer System | PDF
Cleaning Produce Washing Equipment: Root Barrel Washer Checklist | PDF
Cleaning and Sanitizing Cold Storage for Produce Safety | Video


Food Safety for Wash Pack Facilities on the Farm | Video Presentation Playlist
Farm Vehicle Operation for Produce Safety | Video
Power Washing Aerosolization, Considerations for Produce Safety | Video
Introduction to Cleaning and Sanitizing for Produce Safety | Video
Washing Machine Cleaning Tips | Web Page, Video

Culture & Case Studies (Web Page)

Giving a Dairy Barn New Life at New Leaf Organics | Web Page, Video, PDF
The BarnHouse: Optimized for Modern Day Vegetable Farming at Footprint Farm | Web Page, Video, PDF
Mighty Clean and Comfortable – A New Wash and Pack Shed at Mighty Food Farm | Web Page, Video, PDF
Last Resort Farm Not Stalled by Dairy Barn Conversion | Web Page, Video, PDF
Sharpening the Edges: Wash/Pack Efficiencies in a New Farm Building at Small Axe Farm | Web Page, Video, PDF
Wheels Keep Things Rolling at Root 5 Farm | Web Page, Video, PDF
Renovating an old dairy barn to a year round packshed at High Meadows Farm | Video
Building a small-scale open packshed on leased land at Flywheel Farm | Video
Expanding to accommodate business growth at Jericho Settler’s Farm | Video

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