As part of our SCRUB Project, we have been demonstrating a wide range of Cleaning Tools for Produce Farms, on-farm with growers. This has opened up the question, “Which one(s) should I buy for this specific cleaning task?”

Based on our experience and feedback from partner farms, here are some of our favorites that we’d recommend for specific cleaning tasks. All names of the Vikan UST brushes listed in this post were taken directly from Remco’s Online Catalog.

A 3 Gallon Vikan Bucket Filled with soapy water.

Color Coding Tools

A helpful best practice for organizing cleaning tools is to use color coding and keep tools meant for different purposes in designated storage areas. The 5 core colors commonly available for cleaning tools are: red, green, yellow, white and blue. Select tools are available in additional colors.

General Cleaning Brushes For Most Tasks

People have hands of different sizes. We found different people prefer preferred differently shaped brushes. Most of these work well for a wide range of cleaning tasks.

  • Small Hand Brush
  • Round Hand Brush
  • Short Handle Utility Brush
(Left to right) Short handle Utility Brush, UST Short Handle Brush, 3.5″ Pipe Brush, 5″ Pipe brush, Round Hand Brush

Harvest Crates


  • UST Short Handle Brush
  • UST Medium Bench Brush or Narrow Utility Brush
  • Extra-Large Hand Brush
  • 3.5″ One Piece Pipe Brush

Pallet Bins


  • Medium Tank Brush
  • Ultra Hygiene Polypropylene handle shown. Aluminum would also work well for cleaning with most detergents, but check on material compatibility with aggressive detergents and sanitizers.

Sinks and Tables


  • Short Handle UST Brush
  • 10” Single Blade Ultra Hygiene Bench Squeegee
  • Handheld Cleaning Pad holder with Scrub Pad

Rinse Conveyor


  • UST Long Handle Brush
  • Ultra-Slim Wand Brush
  • 8″ Bench Scraper
  • Transport Brush – Hand Brush with Split/Soft Bristles
  • High-Low Brush with Aluminum Handle
  • Flexible 2″ Brushtech Pipe Brush [email us for details – coming soon]

Packshed Area


  • High-Low Brush with Aluminum Handle
  • 16″ UST Medium Push Broom
  • 12″ UST Deck Scrub
  • Cleaning Pad Holder with fine scrubbing pad with Ultra Hygiene Handle
  • 16″ or 20″ Squeegee
  • 3 or 5 Tool Hanger
Don’t for get to order a tool hanger to keep tools accessible, drying, and stored in good condition.



  • Vikan Drain Cleaning Brush
  • 5″ Pipe cleaning brush with Ultra Hygiene Polypropylene or aluminum handle.

Thanks to the farmers who helped evaluate these tools!

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