Andrew reflects!

Andrew dressed up for Halloween his first semester at UVM

 When do you think you need more mentor support?
I would like help taking notes during class and for homework with my textbook.
I want help with my discussions on blackboard.
I want help organization with emails and blackboard.
When do you think you can be more independent?
I would like to buy foods at the Marche or other places by myself.
I like to walk by myself, but to meet my friends and mentors.
What is something that made you feel good or proud so far this semester?
I have been eating healthy, drinking skim milk and green smoothies. I have been using very little sugar too.
I have been happy with the reading, and the class business savvy.
I listen in the class and do lots of homework.
I like doing sports and being active this semester: soccer, basketball, and working out.
I feel good about being with the mentors and friends: playing pool, foosball in Brennans, playing sorry, and playing cards.

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