Bernard “BJ” Parrott

BJ Parrott is a professional student. He lives in Saint Albans with his cat Sassy, and is currently in the process of moving closer to Burlington. He will be turning 32 in September. He is a maritime history buff, especially about the Titanic. This is BJ’s second year studying at UVM. On campus he likes to play pool and racquetball and drink coffee with his friends. Last year he made a lot of new friends. It’s been a long adventure. In his first two semesters of college, he took two classes at UVM, Written Expression and History After 1865. For his last year at UVM, BJ will be doing an internship at the Echo Center. On December 5th, he will become the first student ever to graduate from Think College Vermont.

End of long road

I will miss all of the mentors – Abby, Gabby, Cora, Maddy, and so on.  I want to cry. It is time to go. I’ll be gone from UVM.  I’m happy for the fact everyone at UVM knows the new me. The pain of losing all of the people I love hurts.


BJ thoughts

The job at the Olive Garden is fun and going well. All the guys and girls there make me feel good to work there. I make salads. I’m moving in three weeks to Winooski VT. It will be a new start in a new town. UVM is still one cool place to go. The Think College Vermont program is worth joining, once you are in it you won’t want to leave.

Raising the bar

It’s been a hard road for me. Class, my new job,  meeting a new mentor named Abby.  This class will not be a walk in park, by no means. I am going to study what it means to be transgender at UVM. I know what it takes to take on that issue.  I never back down from something  that is near and dear to me.

UVM  rocks.

Got A Job

Last Tuesday I went to Olive Garden. For my final job interview. it went well, I got the job right on the spot. I will go to a two hour orientation. Ill see a video and then i’ll make about $127 week. There have been a lot of good things happening over the last 3 weeks!

Students sit at a table at the Olive Garden with the General Manager

Olive Garden Vocational Exploration

Merry Christmas and happy new year to one and all,


Halloween Party  2012

When I walked in as Amanda, a UVM cheerleader, all eyes were on me. I love dressing up on Halloween. I had a blast with good food and great people. Cora was one scary Mummy. Taylor was a cute Hello Kitty. I love October 31 but really love Christmas more. But can I say when Amanda’s in the room, let the party begin. Happy thanksgiving to everyone peace.

Internship and Halloween party

student and job supports pose in front of ECHO Center

I have been doing an internship at The Echo Center. Since August. I Love everyone there. I found out I am related to my boss. There are 5 girls there from UVM doing internships too. Its cool. I will be finished in December. I am going to a Halloween party at UVM that Sterling is hosting. I will dress as a UVM Cheerleader, it’s sure to to turn heads. October is going out with a bang.

My best buddy Allison

I really miss her. She rocks.  Love old times – fell to photo.

Saying goodbye

Made a tee that is tie-dyed, and that was fun. So very sad class is over, and saying goodbye is a hard thing to do. But, all good things must come to an end. My final exam is on Friday. I am a trooper, and I’ll truck right through it.

Saying Goodbye: Part 2

Andrew was right, this class was great and hard at the  same time.  Amber is a good cook I am most proud about finishing my exam. I will miss Amber the most. It makes me want to cry like a 12 year old girl.  The professor was a great teacher.  Over the two classes I took, I have grown as a person inside and out.  I have learned more about us history.  I learned how write a paper, and made new friends.  I’m  going to the conference next Wednesday, the 9th of May, 2012.

Saying goodbye is never an easy thing to do.

Campaigning for President Obama

On Saturday, I went to Hanover, New Hampshire, to campaign for Obama. I campaigned with the UVM Democrat Club and the Dartmouth Democrat Club for 4 hours. I had a free lunch at the event. I met a girl from my history class named Alma.  She is nice, and we are going work together to study for test, which is on Friday.  We are now friends.  I also met a girl named Lily.  We got over 33 signatures for president Obama.  I left at about 4:30, and I got home at 6:05pm.  I had lot of fun.  I want to go back soon.  I really loved Hanover, New Hampshire.   If I were able to move there I would. I was really happy.


Uvm at night

I can’t believe  that I am at uvm at 5:23 at night.   I am attending a  review session in the Flemming lecture hall with Ashleigh..  It will help me with the paper I have to write.  It feels weird  because I  am usually at home. I am wondering how many students will be there. It is really cools that the professor  is taking time out of his evening to do this. Being on campus this late must be how it feels to live here full time.

Voices & Choices Conference 

I had good class, today. I’m thinking about being a mentor for the new students in the fall, working with Devon. I found out that got my own Hotel room for two days in May for the Voice and Choices Conference (GMSA). I can’t wait! I will talking in front 150 other people! I am happy as a school girl, right now. Justine told that good news to me just yesterday afternoon. BJ

First week

The first week was fun it was a short class. Me and Alison went to Delehanty Hall to look at rocks – rock on, dude. The class was very short today – about 10 minutes. The professor’s fun. My homework was “take it easy.” Sweet, huh? That’s what I call a professor.

I got a head start on homework for the 23rd, reading chapter 16.

In history we learned about 1865 to now. The teacher is cool guy. BJ

Pizza putt

I had very good last Friday. I played golf, laser tag.  I kicked Devon’s butt, and Alison’s.  It was fun.  I want to do it again. (Bj)

Think College VT student and three Think College VT mentors

BJ and some of the lovely ladies of Think College VT in the Davis Center first floor gaming room, waiting for the End-of-Year Pizza Putt Shibang to begin!


Last night, I got a lottery ticket and  won $50.00! I am happy, like a school girl.  I only had $2.00 left, but not any more!  I’m paper work shopped to pick on Monday. (BJ)

Thanksgiving Break

I went to work today and it was fun; no more work for the rest of week. I am going to enjoy vacation, eat good food, help mom and dad put up Christmas decorations, and sit back and take it easy. (Bj)

When children. Cry

When the Children Cry: By White Lion on their album Pride

The reason I love this music video is because it reminds us that we are role models for the children  of today.  One line that I like a lot says, “look at what we have caused and what we destroyed” they are referring to the living environment we have made for ourselves surrounded by war, drugs, poverty, hunger, Inequality, and child abuse. It is now up us to change this. As my contribution I would give stuff to the  food self, and give money to Salvation Army at Christmas.  The fact that I am at a prestigious university and getting a college education makes me a role model for the children today.  It took me 10 years to come to college but I am here now, which means that other people can too. I am proud of what I am doing, and hope that one day I can be mentor too, and with my love for history I help people in the Think College Program. The video is 24 years old but e message still rings true today.  Here is the link for the video, enjoy it until your socks fall off.

BJ’ Thoughts

On. The bus going to the Davis center this guy frank, the bus driver, asked did every one turn off there lights, he said leaving the lights on helps Vermont Yankee. I’m going post photo of me as an 18 year old prom queen to the blog. It was my Halloween costume, I mad a very pretty girl, it was scary. For next halloween, I might be a zombie prom queen or a high school cheerleader. But before that, I have to wait another 12 months. I just look outside, and it’s totally snowing! it’s very cool,  let it snow let it snow. Ii met with a person in the Learning Cooperativeperson on time management .on Monday will be opening a bank count at people’s united with $25.00 can’t wait (BJ)

The Prom Queen

Halloween Costume

College can really give you a big head

Photo Booth Stretch Photo

Rose and thorns


Class was short
Group meeting next week for English essay, 11:45
Got devon’s full name so she can become a Facebook friend, she’s the only college girl that’s my friend!
Had a fun time playing racquetball

Racquetball to the hiney
Bad phone reception in waterman
The car horn that wouldn’t stop beeping outside
Having to take bus in the rain.
Wet socks. Wet shoes and pants.

Women are more than breeders

Today class wasn’t as emotionally charged as Friday’s class. I agree with one of the girls in my class that referring to women as breeders is wrong because it objectifies women and I think that is wrong. The author said that women were there for the purpose of having kids. I’m glad that he was being satirical. I also got a sweet new app on my iPad that keeps all my school papers and stuff organized. (BJ)

Bj blog.

I feel really good turning in my first paper.I got a good review from the teacher. She said the paper was great. My mentor Amber was so very proud of me. I am also ahead of class in the new homework for mondays class. Now i get to go out for my birthday with Justine and Joey sunday to have fun to the sun goes down.

Bj Update!

As I told Ashley on monday, the class was as emotionally charged as TNT. We talked about two short stories we read about poverty. Most of the guys and the girls were very highly opinionated. One girl said that people should have less children, and many of the guys were angry about what the author said. My opinion is that everyone had the right to what they want to say. We are continuing the highly emotionally charged discussion on Friday, but I prefer classes that are more laid back. We are also going to start a third short story on Friday, which will also be about poverty. It’s like a three-part series. I got a b for participation in class this week, and I am getting my first paper back on Monday. I am excited to get my paper back because I worked really hard on it. (BJ)

Getting into the swing of things

I think the class went very  well on Monday – got my first paper  that is due Monday. I got to school Wednesday and found out my class was cancelled. I’ve been under a lot of stress because the class was canceled and because of homework, but I’m working hard and getting better. I love it here so far. Everyone I work with like Amber, Amanda, and Cora are so helpful to me. I like to look at the pretty leaves on the trees. (BJ)